Personal project 4 – Germanograms 1

Today I’m starting a new series of images called ‚Germanograms‘.

This series will be running concurrently with my other projects and was inspired by a range of photographic influences.

There will be strong visual references to the newish ‚Instagram‘ photography style, which I like for its perceived timelessness.

This digital style developed its look out of the visual characteristics, failings and shortcomings of the analogue photographic materials used in the 60s, 70s and before.

Polaroid film, square format family snapshots that have faded to orange or green, slide film that developed green/cyan casts after many years of storage in dark corners and damp cabinets.

This familiar look now suggests authenticity and lets viewers connect with images in a way that the clean, perfect look of digital photographs can’t.

The instagram style brings back the visual layers, textures and sensations of analogue photography.

In this way it combines the best of both photographic processes – the quality and convenience of digital photography and the organic feel of analogue processes –  and offers  an alternative creative avenue for photographers.

The series will also reconnect me with the square format for which I gained a great fondness during years of photographing with my Hasselblad cameras.

The square format – often a format used for highly considered photography – will in this case be applied to an instant photography approach and will be photographed on any camera at my hands, including my mobile phone.

There will be little regard for technical considerations as most images will be taken on cameras that offer no to little technical adjustments.

In essence, the images in this series are reactive to the surroundings and environment I’ll be in and are based on intuition and instinct rather than in-depth creative consideration and artistic reasoning.

The series will start with ‚Germanograms 1‘ but will be expanded over time.

Chooks and ponies share a private football pitch in Osterwick, Germany
Chooks and ponies share a private football pitch in Osterwick, Germany.