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The German connection

For those who don’t yet know, I’m German.

A while ago I decided to take time out from my job and life in Christchurch to go on an extended Germany trip until the beginning of next year.

Here I am, in Germany, a country I’m afraid to say I know rather little about these days.

I was born here of course and lived here until my 23rd year. But when young I was always drawn to more exotic destinations and eventually left Germany without seeing or knowing much about my home patch.

I’ve met Christchurch kiwis who’ve never been to the West Coast. For me Germany is on that sort of level.

Luckily I have a wonderful travel guide at my side and plenty of time. So in I wade, enjoying the adventure and all the new and exciting things I find.

Tomorrow I’ll have an experience the consequences of which I’ll have to live with for the next 6 weeks.

I’ll have my first German haircut in a quarter of a century.

And I’m excited. Not sure the cut will be success, but I’m sure it will be entertaining and maybe even a bit funny for those who have to look at me. Me, I’ll turn around the mirrors and get on with life.

Here’s the gist.

I’m in a small rural town. The local barber has a sign that states „…kurz, mittel, lang…“. For those not versed in German this means short, medium, long.

Interesting limitation of options as there is no mention of any style, special treatment (not that I take those anyway, I’m the wash and shake kind of a guy) or any other kind of refined choice.

So I assume that I’ll get the relevant pot for my head and out the clippers come.

I’ll post a picture if the result is particularly interesting or funny. If not I’ve learned that German hair technology has moved into a new era.