All Blacks for President (if we had one)

In this country full of deliriously happy rugby nuts rugby heaven has just arrived.

Congratulations to the All Blacks for becoming the world champs, and to all the coaches and staff who helped to make this happen.

I have no idea what it really takes to win the most coveted trophy in world rugby. Looking at these guys after the match though, and seeing images of some of them when they were younger ABs, it must have been a monumental physical and mental undertaking.

I seriously do not understand how their bodies cope. If I got up each day to spend a significant amount of time running into brick walls someone, at some stage, would mention that it isn’t all that healthy. Perhaps all those quietly efficient medics behind the scenes – the doctors, physios and osteopaths – also deserve to stand on the podium to receive gold medals. I just can’t see anyone winning a rugby world cup without them.

Last but not least, a round of applause to the French for turning up to the final to compete. Against most predictions they made the ABs work hard for their trophy – it’s rather small don’t you think, why couldn’t it be bigger? – and no doubt raised the collective blood pressure around the country.

In any case, this country is happy, and as the famous saying goes…all credit to the boys.

Go the All Blacks!

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